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April 26, 2019

Wellmont Capital Group N.V. Acquires Crowdbridge Global





April 26, 2019

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Wellmont Capital Group N.V. today acquired CrowdBridge Global, a Suriname-based affiliate sales company. The highly anticipated acquisition comes in after a long history of the two companies working closely with one another in affiliate sales programs.

The primary purpose of this acquisition is to move the management from Crowdbridge Global into the Wantage One affiliate sales division of Wellmont Capital Group N.V.

“Crowdbridge Global has a unique and strategic past as a company, and Wellmont Capital N.V. is proud to be apart of its future,” said Anthony Norman, CEO, and Chairman of Wellmont Capital Group N.V. “As a company, we are very excited to announce Hans Pasveer as the new CEO of Wantage One.”

Please stay tuned for updates on new management and further launch dates.