Wellmont Capital Group N.V.

About Our Company

Wellmont Capital Group is a private European asset management company founded in 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Specializing in cryptocurrency trading, Wellmont Capital has a global reputation for taking a unique and personal approach to private banking and asset management. Although new, we have established esteem for exceptional customer service and personally curated wealth management programs for our clients.

Wellmont Capital Group N.V. (undergoing a name change from New Motor Media N.V.), is a Dutch public company with its shares registered as securities in Euroclear with ISIN NL0009980762.

It’s largest shareholder is Anthony Norman holding 50.8%.

Antony Norman

CEO and Chairman

Mr. Norman has a vast and solid background in IT, Programming, and Finance.

With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Norman has gained the esteem of being a financial engineer taking the corporate finance world by storm and creating the ultimate crossover with cryptocurrency.

Some of Mr.Norman’s accomplishments include: having the largest listing in Europe’s tech industry in 2014 and a 50% Turnover on Stockholm’s MTF List.

Torben Pedersen

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Pedersen holds a Master Degree of Finance from the Business School of Aarhus, Denmark from 2002.

He was hired as the Director of a retail company immediately after graduation, and within 2 years he took ownership of the company via a Management Buy-Out. In 2009 he seized the opportunity to sell the business.

Mr. Pedersen established an investment company specifically for the Solar Energy sector in 2009, and in 2011, the company managed Solar Plant investments for more than USD 150 million in Germany, Spain and Italy. In 2011 Mr. Pedersen sold this venture and has since moved his interests into Corporate Finance and Corporate Investments. Through his well-established network, he has assisted the management of several companies with Corporate Finance tasks including publicly listed companies.

Kenny Nordlund

Head of Strategic Partnerships and Acquisitions

Mr. Nordlund commenced his entrepreneurship at the impressive age of 18 within the direct sales industry.

With over 24 years of experience in different financial markets across Europe and Asia, Mr. Nordlund has carried the prestigious title of Managing Director at many companies such as Crowdbridge Global N.V., Unicity, Quorum International, and ACN Inc. He speaks fluent Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and English.

Michael S. Wexler

Managing Director

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